Facebook & Instagram Paid Advertising

We create 12-15+ unique ads all surrounding the SOP for your studio to generate leads. A lead is someone who submits their information to be contacted by your studio, which includes their name, email, and phone number. 

Each ad we design will vary using different verbiage, images, videos, and carousel ads. Each ad will differ from each other to entice a different audience. No single ad will capture the appropriate attention, having this spectrum of ads will allow us to capture all types of people.

We include multiple styles of creatives, showing different shapes / sizes / ethnicity / ages, etc. to your local demographic. We create our ads to appeal to a wide diversity and promote different features specific to your facility. We work with you closely to develop your unique geo-targeting territory on a live screen-share onboarding call and allow you to handpick creatives that you feel best suits your demographic.

Integration into many CRMs and platforms

Instant email lead notifications

Instant Google Sheets integration for lead/sales tracking

Live reporting/analytics dashboard

Pricing For FB Marketing/Lead Generation:

To make an impact and springboard your growth, we want to hit the ground running and offer a fair package. We will do everything listed above at a 35% savings per month to manage ads! We are month-to-month and you will always have the flexibility to start, stop, and update ads.

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